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Standard Ranks

[HPA] Recruit (needs training starter rank)

[HPA] Trainee
[HPA] Cadet
[HPA] Agent
[HPA] Soldier
[HPA] Spy
[HPA] Bodyguard
[HPA] Elite Bodyguard

Security Ranks (gets HQ Access)

[HPA] Security (needs training) (5c)

[HPA] Security Watcher (10c)
[HPA] Security Checker (15c)
[HPA] Security Gaurd (20c)
[HPA] Security Advisor (25c)
[HPA] Security Supervisor (30c)
[HPA] Asst. Head of Security (35c)
[HPA] Head of Security (40c)

Trainer Ranks

[HPA] Trainer (needs training) (45c)
[HPA] Training Advisor (50c)
[HPA] Training Supervisor (55c)
[HPA] Established Trainer (60c)
[HPA] Experienced Trainer (65c)
[HPA] Sr. Trainer (70c)
[HPA] Training Gaurd (75c)
[HPA] Training Support (80c)
[HPA] Asst. Head of Training (85c)
[HPA] Head of Training (90c)

Legal Affairs (no training gets free uniform)

[HPA] Analyst I (95c)
[HPA] Analyst II (100c)
[HPA] Analyst III (105c)
[HPA] Public Secretary (110c)
[HPA] Legal Consultant I (115c)
[HPA] Legal Consultant II (120c)
[HPA] Legal Consultant III (125c)
[HPA] Investigator (130c)
[HPA] Asst. Head of LA (135c)
[HPA] Head of LA (140c)

High Rank

[HPA] High Rank (needs training) (145c)
[HPA] Constable (can promote)(150c)
[HPA] Asst. Chief Constable (155c)
[HPA] Commander (160c)
[HPA] Colonel (165c)
[HPA] Captain (170c)
[HPA] Lieutenant (175c)
[HPA] Superintendent (180c)
[HPA] Chief Constable (185c)
[HPA] Asst. Head of HR (190c)
[HPA] Head of HR (195c)

Senior High Ranks

[HPA] SHR (200c)
[HPA] Asst. Head Manager (205c)
[HPA] Deputy Head Manager (210c)
[HPA] Head Manager (215c)
[HPA] Officer (220c)
[HPA] Jr. Consultant (225c)
[HPA] Sr. Consultant (230c)
[HPA] Devision Chief (235c)
[HPA] Section Chief (240c)
[HPA] Executive Chief (245c)
[HPA] Director of Com. (250c)
[HPA] Asst. Head of SHR (255c)
[HPA] Head of SHR (260c)

Professional Staff

(can promote if they see hard working HR)

[HPA] Finance Associate (265c)
[HPA] Admin Analyst (270c)
[HPA] Management Specialist (275c)
[HPA] IT Specialist (280c)
[HPA] Evidence Technician (285c)
[HPA] Legal Admin Specialist (290c)
[HPA] Tele. Specialist (295c)
[HPA] Staff Specialist (300c)
[HPA] Sec. Intel. At Base (305c)

Special Detective Unit

[HPA] Inspector Trainee (310c)
[HPA] Main Inspector (315c)
[HPA] Detective Officer I (320c)
[HPA] Detective Officer II (325c)
[HPA] Detective Officer III (330c)
[HPA] Patrol Officer (335c)
[HPA] Asst. Chief Detective (340c)
[HPA] Prof. Special Detective (345c)
[HPA] Jr. Detective Officer (350c)
[HPA] Sr. Detective Officer (355c)
[HPA] Crime Outlook (360c)
[HPA] Dep. Chief Detective (365c)
[HPA] Chief Detective (370c)

Board of Director

[HPA] Sec. Dept. Assoc. D. (needs training) (375c)
[HPA] R&R Dept. Assoc. D. (can work the help desk and CTB) (380c)
[HPA] T. Dept. Assoc. D. (385c)
[HPA] LCU Assoc. D. (390c)
[HPA] HR Assoc. D. (395c)
[HPA] PS Assoc. D. (400c)
[HPA] SDU Assoc. D. (405c)
[HPA] Asst. Corporate D. (410c)
[HPA] Corporate D. (415c)
[HPA] Asst. D. Consultant (420c)
[HPA] D. Consultant (425c)

Senior Management

[HPA] Trial Senior Management (430c)
[HPA] Head of Special Ops (435c)
[HPA] Head of Recruitment (440c)
[HPA] Head of Trade (445c)
[HPA] Jr. Director (450c)
[HPA] Asst. Director (455c)
[HPA] Director (460c)
[HPA] Senior Director (465c)
[HPA] Asst. Head of Director (470c)
[HPA] Asst. Chief of SM (475c)
[HPA] Chief of SM (480c)

Top Management

[HPA] Trial Top Management (485c)
[HPA] Top Management (490c)
[HPA] Dep. Commissioner (495c)
[HPA] Commissioner (500c)
[HPA] Dep. Inspector 505c)
[HPA] Inspector (510c)
[HPA] Chief Inspector (515c)
[HPA] Superintendent (520c)
[HPA] Chief Superintendent (525c)
[HPA] Director General (530c)
[HPA] Deputy Chief of TM (535c)
[HPA] Chief of TM (540c)

Senior Leadership Council

[HPA] Solicitor of SLC (545c)
[HPA] SLC Security Correspondent (550c)
[HPA] SLC Consultant (555c)
[HPA] SLC Training Correspondent (560c)
[HPA] SLC Transportation Correspondent (565c)
[HPA] SLC Treasury Correspondent (570c)
[HPA] SLC Defense Correspondent (575c)
[HPA] SLC Presidential Correspondent (580c)
[HPA] SLC Comm. Correspondent (585c)
[HPA] Adviser to SLC (590c)
[HPA] SLC Law Correspondent (595c)
[HPA] SLC Legislative Officer (600c)
[HPA] Asst. Head Sr. Leader (605c)
[HPA] Associated Head Sr. Leader (610c)
[HPA] Dep. Head Sr. Leader (615c)
[HPA] Head Sr. Leader (700c)

(all ranks after this are not for sale)

Office of Administration

[HPA] Trial OOA
[HPA] OOA Policy Adviser
[HPA] OOA Asst. Head Manager
[HPA] OOA Associated Head Manager
[HPA] OOA Dep. Head Manager
[HPA] OOA Head Manager
[HPA] Asst. Chief Director
[HPA] Assoc. Chief Director
[HPA] Dep. Chief Director
[HPA] Head Chief Director
[HPA] Internal Affairs Overseer
[HPA] Fair Treatment Overseer
[HPA] Economic Balance Reviewer
[HPA] Problems Highlighter
[HPA] Officer of Issues Special Treatment
[HPA] Asst. Director of Managemen
[HPA] Dep. Director of Management
[HPA] Jr. Director of Management
[HPA] Sr. Director of Management

Office of Professional Responsibility 4iC
(only founder can promote/demote/transfer OPR+ and OPR can do transfer Note: needs training by founder only 1 person per rank)

[HPA] Trial OPR (needs training and is a unranked OPR rank for before training is completed)
[HPA] Rep. of All Unit:
[HPA] Chief of Human Resources
[HPA] Chief of Communications:
[HPA] CiC  (Chief in Charge):
[HPA] Adviser to the Chief of Staff:
[HPA] Speaker of the HPA:
[HPA] Dep. Chief of Staff:
[HPA] Chief of Staff:

Ownership 3iC
(1 person per rank)
[HPA] Co-Owner(s):
[HPA] Executive Owner(s):
[HPA] Acting Owner:
[HPA] Joint Owner:

Executive Cabinet 2iC
(1 person per rank)

[HPA] Trial Cab. Member:
[HPA] Cab. Secretary:
[HPA] Sr. Cab. Secretary:
[HPA] Intel. Adviser:
[HPA] Military Adviser:
[HPA] Chief Military Adviser:
[HPA] Chief Adviser:
[HPA] Jr. Exec. Chief:
[HPA] Exec. Chief:
[HPA] Sr. Exec. Chief:
[HPA] Jr. National Sec. Adviser:
[HPA] National Sec. Adviser:
[HPA] Director of National Sec. :

Foundation Team 1iC
(1 person per rank)

[HPA] Trial FT (unranked FT needa training for when training is incomplete)
[HPA] Communications Director:
[HPA] Human Resources Director:
[HPA] Intel. & Comp. Director:
[HPA] General Council Director:
[HPA] Public Affairs Director:
[HPA] Dep. Director:

Co-Founder 0.5iC

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